Paying fortunes to bookkeepers?

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Bookkeepers like anyone else need to make a living. They have offices, files, accounting systems to maintain, receptionists, marketing fees etc. etc. So do auditors – and the time it takes them to handle all of the queries from Companies House, and prepare sets of audited accounts, submit them to the tax-man, deal with more queries, VAT returns – of course all of that time has to be paid for. Plus they need to make a margin for themselves.

You can imagine the time and cost of all these freelancers having their own people running around preparing lots of different paperwork in different formats and systems for countless Government agencies and authorities.

And you know – I wonder why they are not so keen on using a more online system for managing the accounts, when the technology is obviously there?

Simply put, taking all consultants, experts and small businesses together, Hubconsult believes admin costs can be saved, hassle can be almost eliminated, and the worry and time of dealing with so many compliance issues can become a thing of the past.

Paradoxically, there are lots of businesses that do not get established because of this “hassle factor”. And as a result many jobs that could be created are not..

That’s how Hubconsult streamlines that whole company admin part of the business.

Hubconsult runs a company so you don’t have to! Take a trip to

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