The 20% taxation on personal transfers in Italy – and how we can help

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Setting up business is very hard work. Building the momentum to make it succeed can be harder still. That’s why anything that can help you lighten the load is welcome.

Because Hubconsult takes care of your back-office function for you, you don’t need to set up a company, worry about the accounts, audits, Company Secretarial queries, VAT etc. That’s a big relief that helps you focus on what you really want to do – build your business, not run company administration.

With your contracts and invoices issued from Hubconsult in Hong Kong, then you have the competitive advantages of a business-friendly environment, while your rivals’ margins are being absorbed by overheads and complexity.

While some governments are doing their best to make your life a headache, such as the new 20% personal tax in Italy on transfers from abroad, we can even help with that too.

Your expenses, whether they are for business or not, can be paid from your company account with Hubconsult. In the case of Italy, these expenses can be paid to your supplier directly, saving you the need to transfer funds. If the transfer is to a company (for a business invoice or for one of your several personal item such as utilities, phone, etc), then you will not need to transfer cash and you will minimise the 20% charge.

All perfectly legal and simple!

Which way are you leaning now?

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